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20 Million Volt MultiGuard Stun Gun Alarm and Flashlight with Built in Charger Green

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Stand your ground with the MultiGuard, easily concealable and virtually undetectable in hand.

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MultiGuard Stun Gun delivers 20 million volts of protection and 4.9 milliamps.
It has a loud, built-in 120dB Alarm that can accentuate any crisis or dangerous circumstance.
The blinding 120 Lumen flashlight can temporarily blind and puzzle somebody if you shine it in their eyes.
The Stun function runs even if you have the Flashlight or 120dB Alarm on ... a function which is not found on most stun weapons.

The rubberized finish on the system makes sure a better grip as well as securing the system.
It has a built-in battery charger that plug straight in your basic electrical outlet.
No charge cords to handle.
You can carry the MultiGuard in your hand, pocket or purse. Features a heavy duty nylon holster with belt loop. Lifetime Service warranty.
Operation is easy. The bottom switch on the side of the system is the safety switch and power switch for the stun gun.
It has 2 positions; when the switch is to the bottom position it is OFF and works as a security for the stun weapon.
The alarm and flashlight will still work when the safety switch is in the off position.
When it remains in the leading position/ON it will switch on the traffic signal which indicates you remain in stun mode.
Press the button with the lightning bolt (really top botton) to stun the stun gun.
To evaluate, press for 1 2nd just. Discharging for more than 1 2nd at a time when screening might damage the system and will void the warranty.
You will see and hear an electrical discharge between the electrodes.
There is no have to charge the stun weapon after each test.
The middle switch runs the flashlight and the alarm. Move the switch approximately the middle position to activate the flashlight.
Slide it to the top position to trigger the alarm. The stun function will still operate when the flashlight or the alarm is on.

This MultiGuard Stun Gun is the ideal unit to carry for protection.
Bring it in your hand, handbag, pocket, knapsack or briefcase. Great for university student or anybody desiring security.
Stun Gun is available in 7 colors Black, Pink, Red, Purple, Green, Blue, and Zebra.


• 4.9 milliamps depending on the freshness of the batteries
• 20 Milion volts
• Measurers 5 ¼” x 1 ¾” x 7/8” 
• Rechargeable built in charging prongs plug right into a wall socket


• Nylon Belt Loop Holster
• Rubberized Coating
• 120 dB Siren
• Built-in LED Flashlight
• Available In 7 Colors:  Black, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Zebra



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